Posted on: February 26, 2008 7:14 pm

Why the 76ers need to make the Playoffs this year

The 76ers are now at 25-32 on the year and hold the 8th seed in the East, people tell me that the Sixers have no chance to win a championship this year and they should do what the Celtics did last year and blow games to get a better draft pick. I think that's dumb because anytime in a draft when picking a player it's taking a risk, you don't know if he'll do well or not, look at Micheal Olowonkandi [something like that] He went 1st pick and hasn't even been close to his expectations. I believe that the 76ers should try to get into the playoffs, because now they don't really have a chance at getting a great lottery pick, and that would help the confidence of our younger players.

Making the playoffs was something this team wasn't expected to do but even though our chances at winning a championship are close to 0 it would be great to make 76er basketball somewhat relevant again. Winning also is part of the rebuilding process, it's a stepping stone and a measure of how close you are to becoming a good team. This team can do a lot for next season in making the playoffs this year, to know what it's like to win and get something back can give you the "win at all cost" mentality over the "play to not lose" mentality

Some disagree but I think it's a push towards the future

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